BlockDox Monitors your Building’s Indoor Air quality

Bring everyone’s confidence back by choosing BlockDox

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Bring everyone’s confidence back by choosing BlockDox’s data-driven air quality monitoring. Our solution provides you with reliable, actionable air quality data.

Make everyone feel safe in your buildings : minimise virus transmissions and air pollution

Spending an average of 90% (90000 hours) of our time indoors, it comes as no surprise that understanding and monitoring the air we breathe is crucial. Additionally, the damage poor air quality can have on our health is considerable: from carrying diseases (e.g COVID-19) to containing high levels of PM2.5 and other pollutants, the air we breathe can seriously aggravate our health. And with over 800,000 people dying every year due to poor air quality in the workplace, it’s about time we addressed the issue. In light of the current pandemic, adopting a solution that provides a safe, virus-free environment for all is now more important than ever.

Retain your staff

Recent studies have shown that healthy buildings attract and retain high quality employees. This highlights that employers who want to retain their workforce will have to demonstrate that they value and prioritise their staff’s health and safety.

Monitoring your indoor air and understanding its composition will help you to improve the overall wellbeing of your building to ensure a safe, healthy and productive environment for staff, visitors and customers.

BlockDox helps you analyse, monitor, gain insight into and improve your indoor air to reduce the risk of airborne infections and to successfully restore productivity.

Our solution

Our Dashboard Provides you with real-time accurate data on: Temperature, Humidity, VOC’s, PM2.5, Radon and CO2, indoor and outdoor air quality and weather data.

Monitoring your indoor air quality means:

  • Healthier staff, reduced absenteeism 
  • More productive employees/students
  • Healthier environment with less risk of infections

Our monitor alerts you when your space’s air reaches unsafe levels via push notification so you can take appropriate action when needed. 

Our solution won the Mayor of London's air quality challenge. Read more about it here.