BlockDox shortlisted as a Finalist at the Energy Innovation Awards 2022

BlockDox is thrilled to announce we have been shortlisted

Energy Innovation Awards 2022, BlockDox, Net-Zero. Finalist

BlockDox is thrilled to announce we have been shortlisted as a Finalist at the Energy Innovation Awards 2022 in the Net Zero Impact Award category. 

The recent COP26 conference was a turning point for world leaders in recognizing the current state of climate emergency. Numerous measures have been agreed upon such as lowering global warming to 1.5°C instead of 2°C, reducing fossil fuels’ consumption and reaching net zero emissions by 2035 in leading markets. However achieving these goals within the given framework is easier said than done. 

Consuming over 40% of the UK’s total carbon footprint, buildings are the biggest culprits when it comes to air pollution and energy wastage. Climate change is real and if we don’t act now, next generations will have to pay the price. It is, therefore, crucial that we all fight against climate change. 

Using data analytics and IoT, our platform allows for optimisation of energy usage in any space, helping our clients save considerable amounts of energy, resources and money while reducing their carbon footprint. With ESG and net zero becoming increasingly more topical, our platform supports our clients with their ESG reporting and strategies using real-time and historical insights into their building analytics. 

Reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2035 can feel like a formidable task ahead of us. Not having reliable data when needed adds another layer of difficulty, which is exactly what BlockDox addresses and specialises in. With data analytics, attaining net zero can finally become reality. 

BlockDox’s climate impact  has already been independently validated and  certified.  Every five years, we can help our clients save over 1 million tons of C02 - that’s equivalent to driving a car  219,026 times around the world. 

The Energy Innovation Awards will take place on the 3rd of March in Liverpool.