COVID-19 Access Control Display Screen With Optional NHS QR Code

BlockDox Launches Access Control Display Screen for Social Distancing

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As part of its COVID-19 solution, BlockDox has launched a new physical distancing feature, helping businesses and space managers successfully reopen their building while safely implementing social distancing rules.

We're thrilled to announce that our occupancy technology has been put to good use keeping customers safe. The BlockDox access control display screen provides a clear signal to the public that there is space in a venue to safely maintain social distancing. If the screen displays a green 'Go', it's safe for you to enter. If it displays a red 'Stop', you'll have to wait until the room reaches a safer occupancy level.

With BlockDox’s new feature you can easily keep track of the amount of people entering a space in real-time, be notified when a space reaches its full capacity and receive alerts when if safe for you to enter or not.

Click here to view the display screen in your mobile device or browser

The display screen is available to businesses worldwide for safe access control, and fully customisable to your needs. For UK businesses we can enable an optional NHS track and trace QR code.

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Contact Us to arrange a BlockDox social distancing access control screen for your business.

BlockDox offers a variety of features to help you to reopen your building safely. These include; monitoring air quality and ventilation, implementing social distancing, scheduling cleanings and track disinfecting operations.

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