How to Achieve Sustainability in Facilities Management?

facility managers have a duty to implement sustainability

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Often responsible for large spaces, facility managers have a duty to implement sustainable practices, not only for the planet but also for the safety of all. From energy consumption to better space utilisation, sustainability in FM is no longer a trend but one of the most pressing corporate responsibilities in the industry. Thankfully, forward thinking, data-focused facility management can play an important role in turning your sustainability goals into reality.

In this article we will put sustainability under the microscope and explain why a data-driven approach is most-effective to help FM professionals reach their goals . Read on.

What is Sustainability?

Buildings are responsible for 40% of carbon emissions. This means that facilities managers need to pay careful attention to what they’re doing and how it’s affecting the planet. In the built environment, sustainability is now starting to be embraced by FM professionals who want to go the extra mile to achieve their net zero emission goals. Each and every decision FMs make will have an impact on the environment and should therefore be taken with cautious consideration. This only underlines that the industry truly needs FM leaders who can genuinely make a positive difference.  

The goal of any FM is to minimize their properties' impact on the environment and reduce their carbon footprint. One effective way to ensure you’re on track to reaching net zero is to adopt a solution. This can go a long way and help you validate your sustainability targets : be it to ensure you’re using energy efficiently, optimising your spaces or prioritising occupiers’ wellbeing. A solution like Blockdox can uncover potential energy wastages from energy-hungry devices and ways to remedy them, if equipment needs updating or replacement etc... We can also support you in making better and more sustainable use of your spaces; in other words, you’ll have exactly the space you need for your current workforce and business services. 

ESG as a framework

To keep track of your net zero goals, we highly recommend that you adopt an ESG framework. When choosing such a framework, make sure it follows and fits within the SMART goals, Specific, Measurable, Realistic, and Time-bound. Also, do not set unrealistic targets, it’ll end up leaving you frustrated and unmotivated. Read our article on which frameworks are best to adopt depending on your business type here

Sustainability, FM, ESG

Air quality and Cleaning

Sustainability is not just about energy savings, it centers also on occupiers’ wellbeing and happiness. For example, the pandemic brought to the fore issues surrounding cleaning and air filtration which are intrinsically linked to safety and sustainability. And it goes without saying that no one would want to occupy a space where they might get sick or feel unsafe. 

Making the built environment more sustainable is the first step to seeing real, lasting changes in the FM industry. However it is a much-needed step that will cement your reputation and attract more stakeholders who want to invest, as well as conscientious people who want to work in your buildings.

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