Why is footfall data important for retailers?

The benefits of gathering footfall data are plenty

footfall, people in the street walking shopping

Definition of footfall

Footfall data refers to the amount of people entering a space, be it in a shop or building within a specific period of time. Depending on what issues you’re trying to solve or what information you’re looking for, having access to your footfall data would allow you to go into granular details about your store or building’s patterns and performance

Understand your customers

The benefits of gathering footfall data are plenty. Not only can you gain valuable analytics and adjust your KPIs accordingly, you can also better understand your customer habits and behaviour and, as a result, improve the visitor experience by better catering to their news or certain trends, which in turn could translate to increased profit!

Evaluate your store performance

Knowing your store performance allows you to identify conversion patterns; this means doubling down on what is working and doing away with what isn’t. With your data on hand you can confidently experiment with new in-store sales strategies, generating more revenue opportunities. 

Increase your marketing campaign success

Your marketing team will be happy to be able to evaluate the impact of their in-store campaign initiatives, such as billboards or new product displays. Footfall data would provide you with valuable insights on how to improve your lay-out and in-store customer navigation to ensure everyone that visits your store has a five-star experience. 

Optimise your store’s operations

Footfall data helps you generate staffing schedules based on your store’s footfall patterns and actual requirements. This will ensure that you always have enough staff even during peak holiday seasons. When your store footfall increases, you can make adjustments. And if it gets over-crowded, you’d be informed in real-time. 

Improve your store safety

With your footfall data at the ready, you can enhance your store safety by identifying areas of high traffic and potential safety hazards. It can also be used to inform decisions about traffic flow, crowd control, and emergency response planning. 

Footfall data allows you to access a treasure trove of information and answer questions you may have about your business, all backed by data! If you’re looking for a footfall insights solution that does just that, book a meeting with us here.