Case Study: Residential Property

BlockDox has helped a London property manager save £50k/year

London Buildings near the Thames

BlockDox has worked with luxury residential property managers to reduce their clients operational costs and to streamline their operations.

Our client was looking to understand the current utilisation of a floor space in a prime office location in London. Our strategy was to investigate how the space was being utilised, forecast future needs and determine how additional revenue could be made from such changes.

From using the BlockDox data-driven occupancy feed and space management planning, the client was able to identify opportunities to better utilise the floor space. At the same time the client successfully realised savings from cleaning, lighting, heating, air conditioning and preventative maintenance on spaces that were not being used.

BlockDox sensors were installed at key locations, as well as other specific open plan areas such as break out areas and café points.

The sensors passively measured the workspace utilisation throughout the floor which allowed the Facilities teams to see real-time occupancy data and gain accurate visibility into service demand.

The client has recently refitted the floor into more usable space and delivered c£500k in additional revenues from better space allocation and reletting.

BlockDox sensors remain in place to provide real time, predictive and cognitive data for their optimum amount of energy, space utilisation and preventative maintenance regimes.

BlockDox has recently installed a similar installation in a high profile building in Beijing, China.

The savings achieved were £50K per annum from just one building.

BlockDox sensors can be installed both inside and outside buildings. Our business model includes short term sensor hire and data output for one off projects, through to longer contract terms. BlockDox can help your business too! Book a Meeting with our Sales Team Now

Smart Building Case Study