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Air quality Monitoring and Cleaning

Indoor air quality monitoring helps you to improve ventilation as well as the overall wellbeing of your building to ensure a safe, healthy and productive environment for staff, visitors and customers.

BlockDox helps you monitor and clean your air so productivity and overall health are improved.

Our Dashboard Provides you …


Are your employees worried about going back to the office? BlockDox understands that employees’ safety and welfare are of paramount importance to your business. With the current pandemic, businesses are looking to invest in a solution that’ll provide their workforce with both reassurance and confidence.

Our ‘return-to-work’ package helps …

Energy Savings

Facilities and buildings managers often don’t have the tools to measure how or when energy is consumed, and whether or not there is a more efficient way of providing a desirable environment.

Oftentimes, services are provided based on fixed assumptions rather than actual need. This leads to wasted resources …

ESG Strategies

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance planning and it has now become a corporate duty and responsibility to successfully achieve net-zero.

Companies and organisations now more than ever have a responsibility to effect positive change on the environment. This starts with ensuring they’re not wasting energy and that …

Health, Wellbeing and Productivity

People spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors. Staff and building’s wellbeing need to be a priority. 

Healthy buildings have been proven to not only decrease the amount of sick days your employees take, but also to increase productivity as a whole. 

In addition, it has been shown …

How it works

BlockDox is an intelligent software platform that looks at all of the important data from within your space, whether it's a building, rail station, train or bus, to give you the feedback of what’s working and what needs to be improved. Our team is here to help you understand …

Intelligent Passenger Counting

PassengerCount’s smart transport solution removes the guesswork to enhance passenger demand forecasting, crowd control, timetable planning, passenger flow analysis and compliance reporting.

Our solution identifies patterns and behavior to optimise your public transport, rail or bus service and operations based on actual demand.

Optimising Platform Interface

We use the latest cutting-edge passenger counting sensors to detect information about your station, trains and buses which we usefully interpret, enhance and make available in our dashboard. Data can be easily integrated with existing systems providing a highly interactive solution that is less reliant on other inefficient methods, for …

Our COVID-Solution

Our solution offers:

  • Social Distancing Management
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Target Interventions
  • Preemptive alerts notifications on your phone and emails
  • Healthier air and Ventilation
  • Confidence boost for employees and customers

Passenger Counting Analysis

PassengerCount™’s benefits include:

  • Reliable and predictive analytics
  • Real-time timetable data
  • Heatmap of the station/carriages
  • Real time and accurate passenger count
  • Triggers alerts, notifications and reports
  • Time of next arrival

Space Optimisation

Optimising and measuring space utilisation can benefit a wide range of industry managers: facilities managers, warehouse managers, higher education, office managers, workplace managers etc.

The larger your office space or building is, the more crucial it is for you to understand how your space is utilised. Optimisation requires utilisation insights …

The most comprehensive software for a healthy and efficient building

The Blockdox platform provides users with critical insights on their indoor air quality, energy usage and space utilisation. We lift the heavy weight by translating raw data into meaningful insights so customers can manage their spaces effortlessly and take informed decisions when needed. Our bundle packages combine different features and …

Transport Operators

If you're a transport operator we can help you with passenger counting data to improve timetabling, crowd & disruption management, occupancy and passenger density and comfort.

See our case studies here.

Why are we different?

At BlockDox, we believe we have discovered a breakthrough that eliminates waste and frustration for building and transport managers. We help property, FM, operations, energy, and sustainability managers as well as bus and rail operators to understand exactly what’s happening with their buildings.

BlockDox’s powerful algorithms harness the …