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Museums and galleries are home to a treasure trove of ancient and modern artefacts/artworks that encourage us to understand humanity as a whole. Not only are they the guardians of world cultures, they also give us a glimpse into the past. It is therefore essential to ensure these priceless artifacts are preserved to the highest standard.

The older the painting or artefact, the more brittle and sensitive it becomes. Maintaining the correct levels of temperature, humidity and moisture throughout the exhibition space is key to proper preservation. And as we're emerging from a pandemic, visitors’ comfort should also be prioritised as they need reassurance that the museum is safe to visit. Ensuring that your indoor air quality (IAQ) is safe and comfortable whilst protecting your artworks is now essential. As an added value, Aireavu by BlockDox helps you save energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

Additionally, curators need to understand how their exhibitions perform and how many visitors they attract. These metrics are useful for reporting and to seek funding from sponsors or governmental organisations. Likewise, these valuable insights can not only inform future exhibitions' planning but also present reporting and operations. Our affordable visitor counting solution provides you exactly that.

With Aireavu by BlockDox, you will improve visitors' experience and comfort, know your visitor numbers and optimise your energy usage. What’s more, Aireavu by BlockDox provides you with new insights to help you protect your precious artefacts for future generations.


  • Preserve artefacts/artworks 
  • IAQ insights, alerts and reports
  • Reassure visitors 
  • Virus transmission risk reduction 
  • Understand your exhibition's performance
  • Save energy 
  • Decrease carbon footprint