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Optimise resource and space utilisation to maximise operational support. Improve the in-store experience without compromising on privacy.

Aireavu by BlockDox's Retail Intelligence solution provides you with rich data analytics and insights so you can optimise store operations, identify ways to increase revenue and provide better customer experience.

Our solution shows you exactly what's happening and where, with real-time people count (footfall), in-store people density and customer flow heat maps, and anonymous restroom and changing-room occupancy.

We help you to personalise and deliver exceptional in-store experience with shoppers’ profile insight - including AI-powered gender detection.

With real-time Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring and leading air purification technology that kills and removes viruses from the air, you can make your spaces Covid-safe and comfortable for customers and staff, whilst reducing energy waste by only using lighting and HVAC where and when needed.

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  • Understand your store performance to identify ways to increase revenue and provide better customer experience. 
  • Get access to real-time visitors’ number and dwell time,
  • Generate reports on your store’s performance, space utilisation 
  • predictive analytics will help you plan for the future and understand where to focus your efforts to make your store as successful as it can be
  • Reduce your shop’s carbon footprint and energy usage