Smart Buildings

How BlockDox works

Energy Savings

Facilities and buildings managers often don’t have the tools to measure how or when energy is consumed, and whether or not there is a more efficient way of providing a desirable environment.

Oftentimes, services are provided based on fixed assumptions rather than actual need. This leads to wasted resources and lost revenue. In addition, governments around the world have already started to set strict zero-carbon targets to reduce carbon footprint.

Making buildings greener and more sustainable has therefore become a necessity to efficiently save energy in your facilities and to comply with government policies and/or validating building certifications (e.g ESG strategies, LEED, BREEAM and ASHRAE principles)

Not only does BlockDox help you monitor your energy consumption and identify patterns for increased energy saving, it also supports you in the successful implementation of your ESG strategies.

BlockDox 's climate impact has recently been independently validated and certified by Impact Forecast.

We’re proud to announce that, every five years, our solution can help you save:

🌳 16,100,650 trees (approximately the size of Barbados)

✈️ 1,787,289 passengers flying London-New York (approximately half of all passengers who flew to JFK from London in 2019 or more than the total number of passengers that flew on Norwegian Air or BA to/from New York in 2017)

🚘 219,026 times driving a car around the world

🔌 744,376 EU households annual electricity (approximately the size of Latvia)

Space Optimisation

Optimising and measuring space utilisation can benefit a wide range of industry managers: facilities managers, warehouse managers, higher education, office managers, workplace managers etc.

The larger your office space or building is, the more crucial it is for you to understand how your space is utilised. Optimisation requires utilisation insights driven by reliable footfall and occupancy data. BlockDox fuses information from a range of data points to generate the insights needed for space utilisation optimisation. This could be identifying other revenue streams, reallocating resources or repurposing a space.

How BlockDox works
How BlockDox works

ESG Strategies

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance planning and it has now become a corporate duty and responsibility to successfully achieve net-zero.

Companies and organisations now more than ever have a responsibility to effect positive change on the environment. This starts with ensuring they’re not wasting energy and that they proactively follow sustainable procedures that are clearly laid out in their ESG plan. The same applies to building operators.

Setting clear and actionable ESG goals will help reduce operating costs and carbon emissions, improve productivity and building’s overall performance.

Data is what enables and supports Facilities Management teams to reach net zero and successfully implement an ESG strategy. ‘Once you can measure something, you can manage it’, therefore access to real-time data, insights and analytics can help you increase your sustainability rating and benchmark against standards and regulations.

BlockDox is committed to supporting businesses to address the environmental and sustainability concerns they may have.

Health, Wellbeing and Productivity

People spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors. Staff and building’s wellbeing need to be a priority. 

Healthy buildings have been proven to not only decrease the amount of sick days your employees take, but also to increase productivity as a whole. 

In addition, it has been shown that healthier buildings have a higher value and are increasingly more attractive to investors. This means, you can rent at a higher price and sell your property for more!’

For monitoring occupancy capacity management, we recommend using our Traffic Light System (TLS) solution, allowing you to keep track of the number of people entering a space in real-time and be notified when a space reaches its full capacity. Access to indoor occupancy data analysis is also available.

How BlockDox works

Air quality monitoring

Indoor air quality monitoring helps you to improve ventilation as well as the overall wellbeing of your building to ensure a safe, healthy and productive environment for staff, visitors and customers.

BlockDox helps you monitor and clean your air so productivity and overall health are improved.

Our Dashboard Provides you with Real-Time Accurate Data on: Temperature, Humidity, VOC’s, PM2.5, Radon and CO2, indoor and outdoor air quality and weather data.

Monitoring your indoor air quality means:

  • Healthier staff taking less sick leaves
  • More productive employees
  • Healthier environment with less risk of infections