Hybrid Healthy™ Workplace

Hybrid Healthy™ Workplace

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Make the transition to Hybrid as smooth and efficient as possible whilst ensuring that your office is healthy.

Now that the pandemic is slowly subsiding, employers are responding to the most significant change in workplaces in over a generation. With working from home establishing itself as a realistic option during the pandemic, employers are keen to demonstrate to their workforce that they can return to their workplaces safely whilst understanding the office space requirements that reflect new hybrid working.

The Hybrid and Healthy bundle is an all-in-one solution designed to facilitate employers' main concerns in switching to a hybrid work model. The bundle consists of a combination of features that offer valuable insights, helping you make the transition and ongoing management as smooth as possible.

Monitoring air quality is one of the biggest concerns and main cause of hesitancy amongst employees with regard to returning to their offices. The Aireavu by BlockDox platform gives you real-time access to your indoor air quality measurements (temperature, humidity, VOC, PM2.5, CO2 levels etc), so you can maximise productivity and mitigate the risk of viral infection from COVID and other viruses To complement this functionality, Aireavu by BlockDox's user-friendly display shows you each room's occupancy in real-time to ensure compliance with room capacity limits.

However, uniquely Aireavu by BlockDox goes beyond just indoor air quality insights and also includes workspace utilisation insights. Adopting a hybrid work pattern means employers will need to understand their changing workspace utilisation to ensure operational and energy costs are not being wasted and identify opportunities for savings. Aireavu by BlockDox works with a variety of sensors and data points to generate the insights needed for space utilisation optimisation during a time of rapidly changing requirements.

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This equips employers with the data insights they need to make better informed decisions about reconfiguring their workplaces to respond to hybrid working - such as understanding the reduction in personal workspaces, and introduction of more collaboration spaces, meeting rooms and breakout spaces.

We’ve already helped our clients gain a competitive edge by identifying significant savings for improved space utilisation. Get in touch to see how we can help you.

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