How it works

Aireavu by BlockDox is an intelligent software platform that looks at all of the important data from within your space, whether it's a building, rail station, train or bus, to give you the feedback of what’s working and what needs to be improved. Our team is here to help you understand how to use data on occupancy, energy and air quality to maximise your performance on energy savings, space utilisation, cleaning schedules, occupancy and many more. Inform your strategies with real-time data and measure the results.

Use Aireavu by BlockDox to save your budgets and earn the most from your space.

We use a variety of parameters: wifi, occupancy, infrared, dwell time, temperature, CO2, high accuracy people counting and much more.

How BlockDox works
BlockDox Data collection

Data collection

We use different sensors to gather a variety of data

BlockDox Data display

Data Display

We have our own dashboard with customisable reporting, but data can be easily integrated with your existing systems

BlockDox Alerts


Based on your needs, we can send alerts notifying you when your space is approaching non-ideal conditions

BlockDox Monitor outcome

Monitor outcomes

Once you’re ready to implement your new operational strategy, we can monitor the progress and provide the alerts and reports when most convenient for you.

Why are we different?

At BlockDox, we believe we have discovered a breakthrough that eliminates waste and frustration for building and transport managers. We help property, FM, operations, energy, and sustainability managers as well as bus and rail operators to understand exactly what’s happening with their buildings.

Aireavu by BlockDox’s powerful algorithms harness the very latest in computational power to process immense amounts of data collected from micro-sensor technology. Our team of highly-skilled data scientists works with these various data points to provide you with greater and better insights so that you can successfully achieve your facilities management goals.

Aireavu by BlockDox’s highly interactive platform helps you to create a healthy and productive environment whilst reducing operational costs and meeting your sustainability/net-zero targets. What's more, you can choose to share data and insights easily with trusted partners.

Use BlockDox to save your budgets and earn the most from your space

Transport Operators

If you're a transport operator we can help you with passenger counting data to improve timetabling, crowd & disruption management, occupancy and passenger density and comfort.

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