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Gain visibility into critical areas of your facilities management in real-time such as indoor air quality, energy consumption and space utilisation. Our dashboard tells you exactly when to take action when:

  • Your spaces are overcrowded
  • Your indoor air quality has reached unhealthy levels

With our unique occupancy analytics and big data combination, you can save up to 30% energy in your facilities and, at the same time, support your ESG strategy. 

Validate your BREAM/WELL/RESET certification effortlessly, aided by the power of data analytics.

Using data has many perks. Our algorithm shows you when your space is under utilised or over utilised to help you identify potential rent savings or even new revenue streams.

Our Facilities Management solution comprises: 

  • Healthier air and premises 
  • identify and address any air quality issues
  • IAQ insights, alerts and reports
  • Improve comfort and wellbeing                       
  • Understand your space utilisation 
  • Save energy 
  • Decrease carbon footprint
  • Optimise ESG strategy based on hard data 
  • Reduce costs

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