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Aireavu by BlockDox helps you streamline your hospital’s operations and costs while enhancing overall comfort for both staff and patients

Costing over £8 billion each year, NHS Estate and Facilities operating costs are the

third largest, after workforce and drug expenditure. Our healthcare solution allows you to run your hospital’s facilities more efficiently and cost effectively so you can

reallocate budgets to areas that matters the most such as frontline service delivery and patient care.

Aireavu by BlockDox data analytics and insights software platform is designed specifically to enhance energy saving, space optimisation, and wellbeing with an emphasis on ‘ease-of-use’. Our platform allows you to manage your operations efficiently while ensuring your stay compliant with industry standards.

With Aireavu by BlockDox, you’ll be able to monitor your indoor air quality, energy usage and space utilisation in real-time to provide your decision makers with critical insights, alerts and reports.

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Our dashboard saves you from making assumptions by capturing all the data you need in one place. It’s never been easier to optimise your healthcare facilities and improve resource planning!

We are currently working with Alder Hey Children's Hospital, optimising their hospital operational service delivery and streamlining their estate and facilities costs.