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Are you a Facilities Manager, Building Manager or Operations Manager? Do you currently measure the impact of your operational ESG strategies?

The most comprehensive software for a healthy and efficient building

The Aireavu by Blockdox platform provides users with critical insights on their indoor air quality, energy usage and space utilisation. We lift the heavy weight by translating raw data into meaningful insights so customers can manage their spaces effortlessly and take informed decisions when needed. Our dashboard's features and push notifications will let you take back control of your operational and sustainability strategies (ESG).

Our Solutions

AireaVu by BlockDox, ESG, facilities management

AireaVu by BlockDox

AireaVu by BlockDox is a data analytics solution, specifically focused on providing valuable air quality, space utilisation and energy insights into buildings. Our mission is to make buildings as sustainable, smart and safe as possible. 

Understand how your spaces are being used in real-time and make quick operational decisions. With …

Hospital, operations, energy savings, overcrowding, emergency

Hospital & Healthcare Solution

Aireavu by BlockDox helps you streamline your hospital’s operations

Hybrid Healthy™ Workplace

Hybrid Healthy™ Workplace

Make the transition to hybrid as healthy and efficient as possible.

Smart Facilities Management

Smart Facilities Management

Successfully maximise revenue, reduce costs and increase productivity.

ESG & Sustainability

ESG & Sustainability

Refine sustainability strategy and ESG reporting

Air Quality

Indoor air quality monitoring

Improve and monitor your indoor air quality.

Occupancy & footfall insights

Occupancy & footfall insights

Monitor and manage your spaces efficiently and safely.

Smart Transport

Smart Transport

Crowd control, timetable planning, passenger flow analysis and compliance

Healthy Schools

Improve and monitor your indoor air quality

Our Industries

Restaurant, software, management


Make your restaurant efficient

Museums & Heritage, software

Museums & Heritage

improve visitors' experience and comfort

Workplaces & offices, software

Workplaces & offices

Create the ideal working environment

Hospitals, software, management


Make informed decisions

Education, schools, software


Monitor and analyse your school's indoor air quality

retail software, efficiency,


Optimise resource and space utilisation to maximise operational support

facilities management, software

Facilities management

Gain visibility into critical areas of your facilities

man with woman wearing masks in an office


Manage your hotel safely with Aireavu by BlockDox

Aireavu by BlockDox’s Unmatched Benefits

Healthier air and premises

Identify and address any air quality issues

IAQ Insights, Alerts and Reports

Get access to your air quality reports in just one click

Improve Comfort and Wellbeing

Enhance focus, productivity and wellbeing within your spaces

Understand your Space Utilisation

Redesign and repurpose based on actual occupancy, make decisions in real-time to ensure safety is maintained

Reduce Costs

Save on resources, energy bills and under-used spaces

Decrease Carbon Footprint (ESG)

Validate ESG reporting based on data and reduce your carbon footprint

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