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Aireavu by BlockDox improves classroom health, wellbeing, and Covid-safety

The current pandemic has left everyone worried about going back to their school’s building. Not only is it important to reassure staff and students, it’s also a necessity to maintain a good reputation. Putting health and safety first is crucial and it starts with BlockDox’s Aireavu solution. 

COVID-19 is causing significant disruption to schools due to staff absences and school closures, yet attention is inevitably shifting towards “living with COVID-19” despite the rampant spread of new variants.

Elevated CO2 levels and high temperature in classrooms and offices cause viruses to propagate rapidly. It also has a detrimental impact on teachers’ and students health and productivity. Book a Meeting

Aireavu by BlockDox for Schools monitors CO2, temperature and occupancy (and other IAQ parameters) in real-time, and provides critical insights on our dashboard, so that teachers and other staff know in real-time which spaces need to ventilate, when, and for how long.

Our display screens show real-time indoor air quality and occupancy to reassure teachers, students and parents about the health and wellbeing of the buildings.

  • Monitor and analyse your indoor air quality
  • Detect conditions in which viruses thrive, PM2.5, VOC and other pollutants
  • Enhance everyone’s safety and learning experience
  • covid-proof your school
  • Improve students and teachers' concentration and performance
  • On-demand cleaning of premises
  • Reduce your school’s carbon footprint

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