Perceptions of CO2 Monitors in Schools | Survey Results

BlockDox recently conducted a survey on CO2 monitors

schools monitors, CO2, COVID, air quality

BlockDox recently conducted a survey on CO2 monitors in schools which was sent to a sample of 21 UK schools (pre and middle schools). Respondents were a mix of Headteachers and Site managers. Questions looking into the perceived benefits of CO2 were asked with the aim to gauge their potential success in keeping schools healthy. However, results pointed to the contrary: responses shed light on the questionable effectiveness of these monitors and the lack of information surrounding them. The need for more training on indoor air quality (IAQ) in school settings, with a focus on awareness of the risk associated with poor IAQ, was highlighted throughout the survey.

It’s important to note that out of all respondents, 75% reported using CO2 monitors, reflecting an evident disparity between schools that have been offered monitors by the Department for Education and those that didn’t. Out of these 75%, only a fourth had received training on how to use the monitors. This figure suggests an obvious lack of information amongst school staff on the importance of controlling and monitoring air quality.

Find out what our findings were by downloading the report below.