Healthy Schools

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Improve and monitor your indoor air quality to make your school as safe as it can be for students and staff alike. 

Every parent wants their child to learn in a healthy and safe environment. This desire has only exacerbated because of COVID-19, with teachers and school staff also concerned about a healthy workplace.

Poor air not only allows for viruses to propagate rapidly among school children, it also has a detrimental impact on teachers’ health and performance.

With COVID-19 restrictions being lifted in the UK and internationally, attention is inevitably shifting towards “living with COVID-19” despite the rampant spread of new variants. For schools, this means minimising any disruption for staff and students. One of the key ways to achieve this is by monitoring and maintaining a healthy indoor learning environment. This is exactly what Aireavu by BlockDox does.

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Benefits are: 

  • Monitor and analyse your indoor air quality
  • Detect conditions in which viruses thrive, PM2.5, VOC and other pollutants
  • Enhance everyone’s safety and learning experience
  • Covid-proof your school
  • Improve students and teachers' concentration and performance

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