Smart Transport

Smart Transport

transport icon PassengerCount’s smart transport solution removes the guesswork to enhance passenger demand forecasting, crowd control, timetable planning, passenger flow analysis and compliance reporting.

Our solution identifies patterns and behavior to optimise your public transport, rail or bus service and operations based on actual demand.

We use the latest cutting-edge passenger counting sensors to detect information about your station, trains and buses which we usefully interpret, enhance and make available in our dashboard. Data can be easily integrated with existing systems providing a highly interactive solution that is less reliant on other inefficient methods, for better planning and maintenance of all key operations.

User-friendly dashboard

Our user-friendly dashboard will provide you with all the information you need to understand your space, make everyone’s journey smoother and boost passengers’ confidence.

PassengerCount™’s benefits include:

  • Reliable and predictive analytics
  • Real-time timetable data
  • Heatmap of the station/carriages
  • Real time and accurate passenger count
  • Triggers alerts, notifications and reports
  • Time of next arrival

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