Webinar | Bus Operators: Understanding Passenger Counting Post-Pandemic

The bus sector is facing many challenges

Webinar| Bus Operators: Understanding Passenger Counting Post-Pandemic

The bus sector is facing many challenges: COVID has affected passengers' confidence and the bus open-data legislation is proving difficult to navigate for bus operators. Both challenges confirm and validate the need to accurately count passengers on buses. The benefits go beyond ensuring that platforms and buses aren’t overcrowded. For example, when adopting an automatic passenger counting solution, platform and bus managers can take preemptive actions in real-time, improve timetables and successfully optimise services.

Join Fabian Knorr, Regional Director at iris-GmbH, Nic Shulman, CEO and Founder at PassengerCount by BlockDox and Tim Rivett, general Manager at RTIG as they discuss the benefits of passenger counting for bus operators and the bus open-data legislation.

About the speakers:

Fabian Knorr, Regional Director, iris-GmbH: Fabian has been working in communications technology, public transport and business development for more than 25 years. With iris-GmbH, he is currently working on several international projects, where real-time tracking and automatic passenger counting are being newly introduced. His motivation is that technology makes public transport as well ascities better and more sustainable

Nic Shulman, CEO and Founder, PassengerCount: Nic is a multi award-winning technology entrepreneur and inventor. Nic founded BlockDox as a data science company which uses artificial intelligence to solve the biggest challenges facing smart cities today. PassengerCount is BlockDox’s latest innovation for the public transport sector.

Tim Rivett, General Manager, RTIG: Tim has over 25 years’ experience in transport technology. Initially working in the public sector, he now runs RTIG which is a community organisation for public transport technology stakeholders. He is the BSI’s representative to CEN for on bus equipment and location data (SIRI) standards; and works as an independent consultant.

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