How Can Data Help You Save Energy in Your Facilities?

Reducing energy consumption is a key goal for any business

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A recent report by CBRE has identified that managing energy costs will become an important aspect of FM in the years to come. Reducing energy consumption is indeed a key goal for any business that is trying to reach its fullest potential. In the UK, the service sector accounts for over 60% of electricity consumption; whilst buildings contribute to around 30% of the nation's greenhouse gas emissions. These are figures that simply have to decrease and with the UK’s Carbon Law stating that the country needs to have Net-Zero Carbon emissions by 2050, making sure your building is running as efficiently as possible is critical to a business’ long term success. 

With this law in place, business owners are all trying to find the best solution to redesign their buildings to be more eco friendly and one way this can be done is by understanding and managing your data. This is important for many reasons but perhaps the most beneficial is that by understanding your data, you can more accurately allocate time and resources. Once you have identified an underused or overused area, you may decide to put more time into maintaining it rather than adjusting it. No matter how you decide to implement change, knowing exactly how your building is consuming energy will help you create a more effective solution and reduce your energy usage, as well as your carbon footprint. A recent report by the UN programme highlights that ‘ Energy consumption in buildings can be reduced by 30 to 80% using commercially available technologies’. At BlockDox we take things a step further by using data science and machine learning to identify patterns for increased energy savings. 

BlockDox is a state-of-the-art software platform that collects all the important data from within your space to give you the feedback on what is working and what needs to be improved. This comes in different forms of data, from occupancy and energy to air quality. BlockDox’s algorithms harness the very latest in computational power to process immense amounts of data collected from micro-sensor technology. Once the data is collected, a team of highly skilled data scientists works with these various data points to provide you with greater insight into how your building is operating so that you can successfully achieve your facilities management goals.

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BlockDox’s interactive platform translates data into actionable insights to help you to create a healthy and productive environment whilst reducing operational costs and meeting your sustainability targets. Make sure to look into our services to start enhancing your building's performance today.