AireaVu by BlockDox

AireaVu by BlockDox, ESG, facilities management

AireaVu by BlockDox is a data analytics solution, specifically focused on providing valuable air quality, space utilisation and energy insights into buildings. Our mission is to make buildings as sustainable, smart and safe as possible. 

Understand how your spaces are being used in real-time and make quick operational decisions. With Aireavu by BlockDox, you’ll save time trying to figure out what’s happening in your building. We send you alerts and notifications so you can take action quickly to avoid future problems.

Our solution helps you visualise and understand your building in ways that have not been possible until now by providing: 

  • Data and insights into air quality, energy consumption and space utilisation
  • Weekly, monthly and yearly reports (occupancy, air quality, energy or combined)
  • Push notification alerts by emails or text 
  • Occupancy Insights per zone
  • ESG reporting and validation 
  • Sustainable disclosure reporting and compliance capabilities improvements 
  • Operational and energy efficiency 

The AireaVu platform also helps you meet your ESG requirements by collecting and analysing your energy data. We allow you to drill down into your data, identifying areas of improvement and pinpointing significant sources of energy wastage. Our system provides you with important metrics that you need for ESG reporting and compliance.

With over 5 insight types accessible at your fingertips, understanding your facilities has never been easier. 

Aireavu by BlockDox is committed to supporting businesses to address the operational and sustainability concerns they may have. With us you’ll be on track to meeting your  current requirements.

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