Back-to-Work: How Can Employers Make Employees Feel Safe?

2 out 5 five employees are planning on quitting their jobs

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After what can only be described as the most globally challenging year in recent memory, many companies are finally facing the prospect of having employees return to the workplace. While this is overwhelmingly positive, there have been plenty of questions as to how employees will be kept safe and taken care of. Research conducted by OnePoll states that 2 out 5 five employees are planning on quitting their jobs due to how poorly their employers have handled the pandemic. This does not come as a surprise given the rapid spread of Covid-19 that we’ve seen in communal areas, and a return to the workplace is still daunting to many employees. 

One way to help make employees feel safe when returning to work is by ensuring the building's air quality is of high standard. This would be a huge sign of support, as many employees said that improved air quality would make them feel safer. Improving the air quality in your facilities would not only raise morale but also make the workplace more hygienic. While air quality is employees’ first concern,  studies have shown that only 22% of employers have actually implemented a solution. This means that a sizable portion of employers are missing out on  an opportunity to greatly improve their businesses’ prospects and reputation as we head into a post-covid world. 

The presence of contaminants in the air can have detrimental effects on our health. Microscopic particles of pollution in the air come from both human activities such as burning fuels as well as natural sources such as wind-blown dust. Ensuring that these particles are regularly filtered out of the air is of paramount importance, and increasing the air quality in a building will help both the people in the building as well as the businesses’ interests.

In addition, poor indoor air quality helps viruses, such as COVID-19, influenza, and other illnesses to propagate. Even mild increases in temperature and humidity can create the ideal conditions for viruses and bacteria to propagate and spread. Recent research has also shown that an increase of just one microgram in PM2.5 can worsen the death rate amongst COVID-19 patients by 15%.

A simple way that employers can help improve their air quality is by using BlockDox. Our dashboard (that can run on both mobile and desktop) gives the occupants a wide range of data about their building such as their IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) score. We provide you with real-time accurate data on: Temperature, Humidity, VOC’s, PM2.5, Radon and CO2, indoor and outdoor air quality and weather data. This data is all gathered from discreet, state of the art sensors and once the data is collected BlockDox will work with your business to help streamline your strategies to minimise costs while maximising revenue. 

As we attempt to regain some sense of normality, assuring your employees that they are safe and that their best interests are being accounted for is essential for businesses attempting to regroup and grow in this new climate; and BlockDox can certainly help with that.