BlockDox is Now Impact Forecast Certified!

BlockDox's climate impact has recently been validated and certified


Buildings are the gas-guzzlers of the real-estate industry, wasting a whopping £100 Billion each year on inappropriate energy usage in the US alone. They account for 40% of global energy use and a third of greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, they consume around 72% of electricity production! Older commercial and residential buildings top the list in terms of inefficiencies as  they usually require more energy than needed due to the way they were built. Is it therefore urgent that we work together towards more sustainable buildings and spaces. 

A number of countries have already committed to achieving net-zero carbon targets by 2050. However, how achievable and realistic is this goal?

Climate change is real and if we do not react now, we’ll be facing an environmental catastrophe. Even though tackling climate change feels like a herculean task, if we all do our part, together we can make the world a healthier place to live for future generations to come. This is exactly what BlockDox is striving for.

We focus on identifying energy saving opportunities within a space or a building. With us, organisations can save on their energy bills, significantly decrease their carbon footprint and, most importantly, contribute to the fight against climate change. 

The uniqueness of our solution lies in how we use data to determine saving opportunities. We aggregate and interpret different data from spaces, people and services to deliver multiple benefits. No other solution on the market combines multiple data from different sources in real-time to save energy.

BlockDox's climate impact has recently been independently validated and certified by Impact Forecast. We’re proud to announce that, every five years, our solution can help you save: 

🌳 16,100,650 trees (approximately the size of Barbados)

✈️ 1,787,289 passengers flying London-New York (approximately half of all passengers who flew to JFK from London in 2019 or more than the total number of passengers that flew on Norwegian Air or BA to/from New York in 2017)

🚘 219,026 times driving a car around the world

🔌 744,376 EU households annual electricity (approximately the size of Latvia)

BlockDox's climate impact

BlockDox combines occupancy and building management data to help organisations achieve savings of up to 20% on energy bills and decrease their carbon footprint. In addition, to access these data, we use state-of-the-art sensors which accurately measure the overall health of a space: occupancy and indoor air quality levels (Co2, temperature, humidity, particulates).

We deliver these missing insights from multiple data streams to provide key context to facilitate space management. All data are made available in our user-friendly dashboard .  

BlockDox operates within the  most valuable part of the asset management system: the Insights Layer. Our intelligent platform brings meaning to data as real-time, predictive and actionable insights. In addition, BlockDox works across multiple space types and is privacy compliant: no beacons, cameras, apps, tags used.

BlockDox is easy to install, fully interoperable, hardware agnostic and most importantly, our solution uses advanced algorithms.

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