BlockDox Wins the Mayor of London’s Air Quality Challenge

We are elated to announce that we have won

Mayor of London, Air Quality Challenge, BlockDox winner

We are elated to announce that we have won the Mayor of London’s air quality challenge!  After weeks of tireless work, we are thrilled to inform you we’ve won the competition! We’ll now be helping Lambeth’s council address its PM2.5 and air pollution levels. The Mayor’s Resilience Fund is delivered in partnership with Nesta Challenges and funded by the London Economic Action Partnership (LEAP).

Although London is slowly emerging from the pandemic, the impact that poor air quality and air pollution can have on our health is still at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Air pollution outdoors is a major risk to public health, with PM2.5 being one of the most dangerous pollutants. Due to its small size, PM2.5 stays in the air for long time periods, increasing the likelihood of inhalation when it enters the lungs and circulatory system. Research shows a correlation between the morbidity of COVID-19 and air pollution exposure which damages the heart & lungs.

Air pollution is a serious problem in the UK, especially in larger cities. The Lambeth Borough of London is a case in point. With high levels of air pollution, particularly from PM2.5, and only limited public funds available Lambeth faces a challenging task deciding where to prioritise air pollution interventions. That’s why Lambeth has been matched with BlockDox. Building on our experience managing indoor air quality in smart buildings, we’ll be working with Lambeth to develop a suitable solution to help them prioritise high risk areas for PM2.5 interventions, assess and justify their impact. 

Recently, the Air Quality Action Plan Report brought to light the seriousness of Lambeth’s air pollution situation by unveiling appalling figures: nitrogen dioxide concentration limits weren’t met and in some areas, levels of PM10 and PM2.5 have exceeded the acceptable amounts (as of 2016). 

BlockDox is proud to have won this challenging competition. We will now help Lambeth control and monitor its air quality by providing insights and analytics into PM2.5 levels.. This will help Lambeth understand where to target air quality interventions, to ultimately, promote a healthier environment for local communities.

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