Blockdox’s data insights platform for buildings becomes Aireavu

Aireavu by BlockDox

BlockDox, Aireavu

LONDON: BLOCKDOX (, an award winning leader in data insights for building management,  today announced their new brand name and identity: Aireavu.

Aireavu by BlockDox is a data insights software platform, helping organisations manage and exceed their sustainability goals, reduce operational wastage, tackle air quality and improve space utilisation.

The introduction of the Aireavu brand  better conveys the essence of our real estate solution, specifically our focus on providing valuable air quality, space utilisation and energy insights into buildings, and what we stand for, making buildings as sustainable, smart and safe as possible. It also clearly defines our product offering alongside PassengerCount, the sister brand for our transport solution.

As part of the new branding, we will be adopting a new logo, reflecting our mission to support clients with their air quality, sustainability, ESG and broader building management goals. 

Nic Shulman, CEO of Aireavu by BlockDox commented on the new name: ‘We are thrilled to reveal the new brand for our data insights platform for building management is AireaVu. This name beautifully embodies our voice and values. We will continue to provide outstanding services to our customers and partners, helping them save energy, support hybrid working, optimise facilities management and improve their indoor air quality. AireaVu is the must-have tool for real estate operators who want a resilient approach to understand their facilities and gain insights into how to make the most out of their buildings.’ 

Over the coming weeks, we will be rolling out our new branded marketing material and brochures. Keep your eyes peeled for what’s to come. 

Our commitment to our customers and partners remains our highest priority and we will continue to update you as these branding changes take place.

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