Case Study: Energy Savings

Our customer is a prime office location in London.

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Our customer is a prime office location in London. Their strategy was to investigate how their space was being utilised, forecast future needs, determine energy and operational savings and opportunities for improving revenue from better space management.

BlockDox sensors were installed at key locations across our customer’s property, as well as other specific open plan areas such as break out areas and café facilities.

The sensors gathered air quality data and passively measured the workspace utilisation throughout the floor. This allowed our clients’ facilities team to see real-time occupancy and air quality data, gaining reliable visibility into service demand.

From multiple data-driven occupancy, air quality and energy feeds, BlockDox was able to identify opportunities to better utilise the floor space and save energy. This included considerable energy savings from lighting, heating, and air conditioning. For example, over 24% of the energy consumed was outside working hours or at times when the space had minimal occupancy.

Annual energy savings identified were around £1,145,000 /year with the potential to save almost 2,000 tons of C02 /year. In addition, BlockDox identified opportunities to improve space utilisation projecting a saving of £183,057 from one location and a realisable gain in excess of £500,000 from another by retrofitting underutilised space into high grade, lettable office space.

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BlockDox sensors continue to support our customer with demand-led property management. BlockDox has also recently installed a similar solution in a high profile building in Beijing, China and in other countries internationally.

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