Case Study: Retail Building

An understanding of footfall and sales conversion ratios drives growth

retail building, space optimization, energy savings

An understanding of footfall and sales conversion ratios, drives growth and business efficiency. Without this key data retail and hospitality operators are totally reliant on fixed assumptions.

Our coffee shop and other retail clients did not have sufficient visibility to make meaningful correlations between key questions such as the amount of passing trade, how many customers are in their store, how much they are purchasing, and for how long they are loitering after purchasing. Our hotelier client’s common complaint is that their PIR sensors or room key cards were not reliable or did not provide the granular detail required to know if and when a guest is actually in their room.

The BlockDox solution was installed at the client’s premises. Our coffee shop and retail clients were then able to see a direct correlation between customer demand, sales and conversion targets. Our hotelier clients were able to understand guest dwell time and re-roster cleaning schedules around the guest, along which areas of the hotel was used more frequently.

BlockDox Founder and CEO explained “These analytics are critical for revenue generation, operational efficiency and space utilisation – including informing future design principles. In turn, this enables long-term trends to be identified and the success of marketing campaigns to be scrutinised more carefully.”

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In addition, BlockDox’s indoor environmental sensing capability provided store and facilities managers with valuable insights on their indoor air quality which gave an insight into how to achieve building efficiency saving and enhance the customer experience.

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